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Outsourced Purchasing & Supply

Most businesses would like to increase their purchasing power, save time and reduce costs. At GPS we offer a friendly, customised and confidential service to support all or part of your purchasing and supply chain activity. You can benefit from this service on an ongoing basis or just whenever it is required, perhaps at busy times, for specific problem areas, or to free up your own in-house purchasing staff for special projects.

GPS staff can work on your behalf to source items ranging from raw materials, plant and machinery through to finished goods. This might involve finding alternative suppliers for regular products and materials or sourcing new or ‘one-off’ items.

Over the years our clients have identified many advantages for outsourcing with GPS including:

  1. savings in the cost of products, materials and overheads
  2. increased flexibility in staffing
  3. additional expertise to help with specialist or problem areas
  4. a ‘can-do’ attitude and a fresh perspective
  5. access to an extended network of contacts and suppliers.

How does it work?
We can work with you to create the best possible solution for your requirements; just let us know what you want and we can talk through the options. Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

  1. GPS can fulfill your complete purchasing and supply chain function
  2. GPS can act as a long term member of your purchasing team taking care of a specific area such as production consumables, print and packaging, or purchasing from the Far East
  3. GPS can help with specific purchasing projects such as researching suppliers for new or ‘one-off’ items, identifying alternative suppliers to fit your criteria, finding potential suppliers for difficult to source items.
  4. In some cases, GPS can even take on the role of supplier.

Effective purchasing and supply chain management is a complex process and involves so much more than searching on the internet! The Directors of GPS, Neil Harris and Peter Lunt, have over 60 years of combined purchasing experience and are both qualified with the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS). Client confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us and therefore we do not publish testimonials but are happy to supply references on request.

We would be very pleased to discuss with you how GPS might extend the purchasing potential of your company. Please call Neil or Peter on +44 (0)1495 753731, e-mail info@globalpurchasingsolutions.co.uk, or use our contact form and we will get in touch.

Customised Print & Packaging

Improving the print and packaging of your products can bring many commercial benefits. These might involve reducing cost or waste, enhancing quality, improving sustainability, developing packaging for an unusual product - or all the above! GPS has specialist experience in both print and packaging and can provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to your specific challenges across these areas.

Packaging supply

GPS can supply packaging for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), small and high volume cartons and other specialist packaging for food producers. Many of our retail display packages are supplied by our clients into major retailers on the high street.

Packaging design

We are regularly involved in designing innovative packaging for both transit and display. We can design packaging around your specific product, making the best use of current technology and the latest innovative printing techniques.

Packing and repacking

At GPS we have contract packing facilities which enable us to ship in bulk and repack your product in more convenient retail quantities for the home market.


With our network of printers we are usually able to cut costs and provide quality printed work ranging from pamphlets, packaging, greeting cards, gift tags and backing cards through to brochures and catalogues.

We are always happy to talk through your individual requirements and we enjoy a challenge! Please phone Neil or Peter on +44 (0)1495 753731, e-mail info@globalpurchasingsolutions.co.uk, or use our contact form and we will get in touch.

Business Facilitation in the Far East

Need a helping hand with your Far East business activities? Sourcing from the Far East can bring many cost-saving benefits but it can also be risky and overwhelming for anyone unfamiliar with the territory. GPS staff can act as a bridge between you and your business activities in the Far East giving you greater peace of mind.

We have an office in Tianjin, North East China from where we are able to cover most of the main industrial cities in Mainland China. We also have associate staff based in Hong Kong and Singapore. Our professional staff can act on your behalf in the Far East on instructions from our base in the UK or, if you prefer to meet with suppliers or customers face-to-face, we can accompany you and support as much of the business process as you require.

What do you need?
At GPS we appreciate that every customer’s requirements are different. We would be happy to discuss the precise nature of your current needs to create the most appropriate package of support. As well as our mainstream sourcing and supply activities, we would be pleased to help you with all or any of the following activities.

Language and Cultural Support

Providing translation and interpreting services; communicating with suppliers/customers on your behalf; advising on cultural issues

Business Research and Quality Control

Sourcing professional and reliable manufacturers and suppliers for your requirements; giving an assessment of the reliability and suitability of chosen suppliers to your criteria; checking the quality of goods before shipment

Business Trip Arrangements

For example, in China we can make your travel and accommodation arrangements and appointments; plan your itinerary; meet you at the airport; book domestic travel tickets saving you money; arrange sight-seeing; recommend and/or accompany you to local amenities, restaurants etc

Business Accompaniment

Accompanying you to meetings, factory visits and exhibitions; helping in whatever way possible to negotiate favourable terms with suppliers or contractors; advising on local business custom

Support for Business Processes

Placing orders; following up on manufacturing processes; providing updates on the latest status of your goods; quality control; arranging shipment; handling customs and export documentation and all commercial and administrative procedures until delivery to your warehouse anywhere in the world.

Our friendly, approachable team at GPS based in the UK and the Far East would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements to see if we can smooth the path for your Far East business activities. Please contact Peter or Neil on +44 (0)1495 753731, at info@globalpurchasingsolutions.co.uk, or use our on-line contact request form and we will get in touch.

Logistical Support

Every job has its own specific logistical challenges. With our experience at GPS we can support you in all or any part of the logistics process whether you are buying or selling. We aim to reduce the stresses and strains involved in logistics to free you up and help you to improve efficiency and costs.


We can arrange freight movement of your goods from the manufacturer and/or to your customer. This includes air or sea freight (or air/sea combination) from/to the Far East and trans-European road freight. We can also help with import/export documentation and clearance.


We will arrange the most appropriate warehouse storage for your goods at an attractive price to save you money and improve distribution efficiency.

Distribution and order dispatch

With many more items now being traded on the internet we are developing our capacity to stock and distribute against order intakes for small and medium volume requirements. We also have contract packing facilities so we can help you to ship in bulk and repack in more convenient retail quantities for the home market.

We would be happy to talk through your individual requirements. Please phone Neil or Peter on +44 (0)1495 753731, e-mail info@globalpurchasingsolutions.co.uk, or use our contact form and we will get back to you.

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